Ricetrasmettitori Radioamatoriali: Icom IC-7610 + SM-30

Icom IC-7610 + SM-30

Icom IC-7610 + SM-30 - Ricetrasmettitore HF/50MHz 100 watts GARANZIA ITALIANA

IC-7610 + SM-30 microfono da base in offerta!



Innovative RF Direct Sampling System
Achieves to 110 dB* (typical) of RMDR
The RF direct sampling system directly converts the analog signals
to digital signals, and collectively puts the data through FPGA
(Field Programmable Gate Array) processing. The master clock uses a
high precision oscillator which excels in low-noise characteristics.
This makes it possible
to provide superior receive
and transmit performance,
extremely low
phase noise as well as
high RMDR (Reciprocal
Mixing Dynamic Range).
* At 2 kHz frequency separation.


Independent Dual Receiver
Receives Two Bands Simultaneously

The sub receiver works independently of the main receiver. The
dual receiver is perfect to simultaneously monitor two bands and
two modes. Independent AF/RF knobs for the main and sub bands
improve usability.
DIGI-SEL Preselector Firmly
Shuts Out Interference Signals

Both main and sub receivers are equipped
with DIGI-SEL (digital preselector) units.
The DIGI-SEL has steeper skirt characteristics
than normal bandpass filters, so
it rejects out of band strong interference
such as broadcast stations, and prevents
cross modulation.

High-speed, High-resolution
Real-time Spectrum Scope

The real-time spectrum scope of the IC-7610 shows main and sub
band conditions. It provides class-leading performance in resolution,
sweep speed and a 100 dB of dynamic range. The waterfall
screen allows you to find weak signals by showing spectrum
change over time. The audio scope function shows the FFT scope
and oscilloscope.
7-inch Color Display
with Touch Screen Function

The large 7-inch color display shows various operating and setting
information at a glance in high resolution (800 × 480 pixels).
The combination of the touch screen and the Multi-function control
knob offers smooth, intuitive and speedy operation.

Other Features
• Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner
• Newly designed large speaker housing offers superior sound
quality, making use of the high-purity received signal
• SD card for saving various setting information and recording communications*
* An SD card is required separately.
• Digital IF filter and digital twin PBT for interference rejection
• IP remote control capability with the optional RS-BA1
• External monitor connection with a DVI-D port
IC-7610 IC-7600
Span width 5 kHz–1000 kHz 5 kHz–500 kHz
Resolution 1 pixel minimum* 20 pixel minimum*
Sweep Speed
Max. 30 frames/second
Max. 4 frames/second
Display Dynamic
100 dB 80 dB
Dual Receiver Yes No (Single)
* Number of pixels shown at the 60 dB level, when receiving a signal.


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